The Perils of Writing

Ah, the perils of writing!

I’m sure everyone knows what it’s like. It starts with “I want to write a novel!” So you whip out the laptop and start something totally out of the blue. You haven’t a clue what’s happening in your own story – all you know is that you’re having the time of your life! And that word count is going up and up – all to the better!

Before you know it, you’ve written twenty whopping thousand words. You feel incredibly special. And then you come up with an absolutely wild plan. Maybe I should start it again! You wisely mutter to yourself. So you abandon the previous document and begin again. This time you’ll have the same storyline, but a better structure. You’ll write it better this time. So you carefully write about two thousand words, and it takes you about three months. But hey, at least you put a lot of effort in!

So then you decide to read over it, and you realise that in your attempt to make it clean cut and structured, your novel has lost its soul. It’s dry, bland, all spontaneity gone. You feel sad for a few days, and wonder what should you do. Should you try to make some revisions to the current manuscript, or should you abandon it completely? In your contemplation, you decide to read over that original manuscript from all those months ago. You discover that, in that abandoned manuscript is twenty thousand words of wonder, excitement, vivid storytelling. You decide that it’s time to continue with the old one. It will probably work out this time.

A few months on and you forget all about it again. A brand new project – totally unrelated to the old one has successfully tickled your fancy. That old manuscript is now totally abandoned. Forgotten. It’s just part of a graveyard of scattered bones now. But this new novel will definitely work out. It’s full of excitement, wonder and vivid storytelling. And you’ve never said that before.

3 comments on “The Perils of Writing

  1. One likes it dear. Another well written brilliant blog. Also, I’m disillusioned now cause someone on wire said that my novel sounds like The Spiderwick Chronicles 😐

  2. Don’t be disillusioned child, because the fact of the matter is that when you’re trying to write a novel, baically EVERYONE is trying to stop you. Most people want to be writers, and when they hear of someone writing a novel, they say “sure I could do that better than them!” So they decide to knock you down a few pegs and hopefully stop you in your tracks. Well don’t bother listening to them, because their opinion is null, void and also totally wrong.

  3. Why thank you Patrick my child! ^_^ I shall!

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