On a cold, winter’s night, you flick from page to page. Nervously, hands shaking. You feel so scared, but compelled. You have to go on. You must find out what happens next in the terrifying saga of Goosebumps.

So you finish the book, throw it to the ground, and carefully scan your room. You expect to see a monster who used to be a child standing in the darkest corner; or maybe a hairy faced individual who is in transformation from child to dog. All kinds of terrifying things happened in the world of Goosebumps. R.L Stine’s world of horror resounds in your head.

You cautiously turn off your lamp in the knowledge that your room really is empty.  There’s nothing lurking. You know it for a fact. You make yourself comfortable and bask in the silence. The eerie, enveloping silence. You hear a creak from above – so sudden – and so loud! What could it be? Could it be your house just creaking? Of course not… It’s most likely that it’s a monster who preys on little children like yourself. A monster who will break through the ceiling at any second and eat you.

You’re paralyzed in fear. You warily reach out into the darkness. You expect to feel a furry hand grabbing your wrist. You switch it furtively on. You know that the monsters could still be lurking. Somewhere… But at least it’s not in your bedroom. You switch the light back off. You hear a terrifying sound from outside. What is it? A cat wailing? Or is it a banshee coming to warn you of your imminent death? Most likely the latter. You lie there in fear, waiting to hear another sound. It doesn’t come. You get yourself comfortable, despite the fact that you’re quivering in fear. You slowly start to doze off.

What was that? You suddenly jerk awake. It sounded like a door creaking open… You realise that it could have been your dreams, but what if it was a Vampire – or a Werewolf coming to attack you, to rid you of your humanity. The lamp seems too far away in the pitch blackness. But you nervously switch it on. Empty. The room is empty. This time you leave the lamp on. You fall asleep eventually. Goosebumps is still resounding in your head.

Your father goes up to your bedroom door once more and listens tentatively. He realised that when he opened the door a while ago that you had woken up, and he feels guilty. He can’t help smiling though as he realises your fear of monsters, and how you’re too brave now to crawl in beside Mammy and Daddy. From the sound of it, he’s asleep now. He smiles nostalgically and goes back to bed.

6 comments on “Goosebumps!

  1. Love it darling! So familiar..Especially the daddy part at the end, Oh the joys of youth ❤ xx

  2. Very nice P. Diddy! Well written and nostalgic as always! Keep them coming!

  3. thats awesome i was just asking louise on skype if this came from a book as its that good. looks like a future job for you in this dept. where’s the rock emotes on here dammit.

  4. Damn, this makes me want to read a Goosebumps book. Wish I hadn’t given them all away.

  5. Thanks everyone reading! I appreciate it greatly 🙂

  6. an excellent read, mind u i would enjoy the part of a werewolf coming into my room to rid me of my humanity, umm so long as its were i turn into a werewolf.

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