The Woes of Ireland

Ireland, Ireland! How we do love you so! We have such a unique and empowering history. Our ancestors survived seven hundred years of persecution and injustice. And finally, in 1920, a team of delegates managed to secure the Irish Free State. Finally, Irish people had an identity.

But who ever thought that in 21st century Ireland we would have achieved so little – just short of a hundred years of corruption, recession and wealthy bankers rubbing their hands together in glee. Since those remarkable people all those years ago sacrificed their lives to achieve independence for us, we have succeeded in throwing it back in their faces. Firstly, we elected Fianna Fail. What a joyous occasion that was! B-b-ertie Ahern and his v-very annoying way of s-s-speaking, and Brian Cowen i.e Biffo managed to royally, for want of a better expression, land us in it.

“We’re in a recession, but don’t worry, we’ll keep our salaries. The working class crowd will foot the bill. And I’m sure this recession will fix itself in time. Remember the seventies and the eighties? They ended well. One even ended with the birth of our beloved Celtic Tiger. Let’s just sit back and let the Americans sort this one out,” they thought.

Several years on, and we still wallow in our pit of despair, which is gradually becoming more and more despairing. Yes, we managed to get rid of Biffo and Ahern, but who did we put in instead? Well, yet another shower of absolute toss-pots! “Yes, oh people of Roscommon, as the leader of Fine Gael, I can guaruntee that you will get to keep your hospital. We won’t stop you having access to vital services!” Enda Kenny and his cohorts said. And a few short months down the line, Roscommon has lost its A&E. “Oh, sure heart attacks, strokes, all that kind of thing hardly matter in Roscommon. Sure they’re only the uneducated farmers, they don’t even do anything for this country!” I can imagine them sitting around their little Cabinet meeting laughing about it.

So now clearly things are so bad that the safety of the people is no longer important; the well being of us Irish is of so little importance to the IMF big shots that they would rather see us die, and they can walk off with their hefty pay cheque’s and wallow eternally in their own self importance. Clearly priorities have changed since 1920. Because all of those years ago, all we cared about was our people; the well being of the Irish race. I hope Enda Kenny and his cronies realise that in their attempt to save money, they have shattered our sense of togetherness once and for all.

7 comments on “The Woes of Ireland

  1. Once again, another beautiful blog Patrick. And totally true also! Very well written!

  2. very patriotic patrick, i love it, my favourite yet 😀 how i would love to take over this country and put the right people in the right places and make this country great 😀 make the world respect the green white and orange,

  3. Great piece BUT One big Mistake was that you forgot to Mention the people before bertie ahern Such as Charles J Haughey Who really sewed the seed’s For the desctruction that unfolds before us. Our Problems were being created well before Bertie Came to power! But I have to commend you on a Fine piece of Journalism.

    • Why thank you Paul, and I do believe you have made some strong points yourself. I personally believe that Bertie Ahern is the root of all evil, hence I would be willing to blame the Japanese tsunami on him if it further tarnished his name.

  4. I like the blog,but you seem to have become very bitter at the gobshites and the economical state we’re in,which is understandable.But you shouldn’t be so negative about our country,we still do have a lot to offer.I agree with what you’re saying-which from my interpretation is basically we may as well live in a dictatorship!And it’s a load of balls.But you mock the people of the early 1900’s who elected fianna fail,I don’t think they’d any choice back then.But people have a choice now,as Ming said “it’s not their seat,it’s the people’s seat!” I like the blog but don’t be so negative.Other countries are facing the same problems as us.You don’t want to end up a bitter old man:) x

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