Amy Winehouse – A True Legend

At this point, the tragic death of Amy Winehouse has virally spread across the world, shocking millions of people. She was found dead in her apartment in London at 4PM today.

Amy Winehouse has been in the public spotlight quite a lot over the past few years: From her drug and alcohol scandals splashed across the pages of tabloids, to her disasterous marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil that lasted a mere two years. Nobody, however, expected to see this indescribable talent wiped away by the substances that had come to control her life. Substances that are illegal, and are illegal for a reason.

Amy Winehouse was somebody’s daughter: She was somebody’s lover; she was somebody’s friend; and she was the favourite singer of millions of people. This isn’t just another tragic death of a wonderful talent, this is a lesson on drugs. Yet another lesson that so many people seem to refuse to accept regardless of the evidence: Drugs kill. It’s as simple as that. She was a troubled, but fantastic talent. I hope she finds peace and that her family will cope with this loss.

8 comments on “Amy Winehouse – A True Legend

  1. It’s absolutely tragic! It has really shocked and upset me and thanks for blogging about it P.

  2. I read it here first! Sad news, drugs are such a nuisance.

  3. Well said:) Poor amy,let’s hope she is in a better place now:) x

  4. A week has passed since Amy Winehouse is gone and yes, she is truly a legend and a talented singer-songwriter who is the voice of our generation

  5. Yeah she really proved to be very influential on the music industry and I think she brought about a kind of a rebirth in jazz music!

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