Taxes, Bills, and… THIRD LEVEL FEES?

Yes, you read correctly. It does in fact say Third Level Fees. It’s not your eyes, playing some kind of nasty trick on you. Ruairi Quinn, Ireland’s education minister, has said that college fees will return in Ireland.

As well as this rather disturbing news, it was also reported in today’s Irish Independent that the student loan deal which was being considered has been ruled out. The deal that was being considered was basically that students wouldn’t have to pay the fees at first, but once they were working at a reasonable salary, they could start paying it back. But it doesn’t matter now, cause that’s gone too.

“What does that mean?” I hear you ask. Well, it has rather serious implications for us, the youth. It means that we will be expected to fork out quite a lot of money at the start of a college year to secure a place. Although a price hasn’t been announced yet, consider that in England, full fees are £9,000. It also means that, as our banks are falling apart at the seams, they won’t be very willing to throw thousands of euro at students who may never even be in a position to pay it back.

I’m not good at sugar coating it – I might as well be blunt – It means that we could actually be expected to take these thousands of euro out of our pockets to get an education. What has happened to this country we live in? What has happened to priorities? They’ve changed. That’s all. Simple. The priorities are now securing a nice bit of interest for Europe, and the bankers can keep their pay cheques. Because, after all, what does it matter if we’re not educated? It’s not like education promotes jobs – increases likelihood to get work… Oh… wait…

11 comments on “Taxes, Bills, and… THIRD LEVEL FEES?

  1. Well written dear. This country is in a shambles and the people who run it can’t see past the end of their noses and these kinds of decisions show that clearly. This is only going to result in the emigration of most of the youth of Ireland. We will have no skilled young people left…they already have to bring in doctors from other countries…it will be the same in a lot of other professions after this.

  2. Thank you dear! Perhaps I shall consider taking up the mantle of blogging!

  3. nice post, since you were the first person to comment on my first blog post ever, i thought i should comment on yours 🙂 just wondering, when you say 9000 euros, does that mean per year, or like for the entire college till you get your degree?

  4. Oh my goodness. This is just so sad. How can they make education a luxury just like that? Anyway thank you for sharing this post.

    • I know, it’s an absolute disgrace that education should become something elitist for those who have the money to spend on it. Thanks for commenting and reading, I really appreciate it!

      • Education should never be a luxury to the elite. What is the point of making it available only to kids from middle class and upper families when some of them don’t have the motivation to study and learn? (Trust me, I have come across a few spoilt kids from rich and middle-class background who behave that way). Yes, it is shameful to make it only available for those who can afford it and I am so sorry to read what is happening in your country. My dad says education needs to be open to everyone regardless of socio-economic background espcially to those who work very hard in the name of learning. Dad grew up in a poor family in Southeast Asia in the 1950s and 1960s. Poverty didn’t stop him from going to university in United Kingdom because his high motivation and thirst for learning got him far.

  5. well im screwed for further education now, not much of a chance of getting that kind of cash on my own, god what has this country turned into,

  6. Thanks for your comment, WhatSayYou, I appreciate it. You make many good points. It is an absolute disgrace the way education is sneered at by the modern world. And Paul, alas, I am in the same situation. Looks like we’ll both be emigrating!

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