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The Leaving Cert Year (a review)

Needless to say, since beginning my Leaving Cert year at school, I’ve been busy. Unfortunately this has resulted in absolutely no blogs. But here I am! Back from the dead. And it’s all thanks to priori incantatam.

I began this year with a little bit of apprehension. I was expecting incessant lectures (check), piles of homework (check) and of course being told that we “have to do at least 3,247 hours of studying per night on top of homework, or else.”

The whole experience so far really got me thinking. Isn’t it strange that such a big deal is made out of this exam? We have to study crazy subjects with, very often, little merit, in order to pursue what we want to do in life. For example, my ambition of studying English in college won’t be met unless I get B1’s in History, Geography, French, Art, and Irish. (and of course an A1 in English)… What a load of codswallop!

Yes, I will be studying a lot this year. But my inner cynic will be forever struggling against the establishment and the natural order of conventional teaching.

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