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The Era of Sobbing – The X Factor –

The X Factor. Ugh. I doubt somehow that I’m the only one who feels sick and tired of the worn out formula used year in year out by the X Factor:

“Hi, my name is Robert. I’ve just recovered from cancer. And before that, I spent my whole childhood in care, because my mother was an alcoholic. I never knew who my father was. I was also abused as a child, to add to my many woes. I’ve always felt unloved, and as a result, I have no confidence.”

Barf! Alright, I concede, many many years ago when the singing competition thing started, the sob stories were effective. I always felt genuinely sorry for these poor souls who were crying buckets about their horrible childhoods and lack of confidence. But is it getting just a small bit old? As if all of that wasn’t enough, an effective sob story isn’t complete without at least two of the judges in hysterical tears spouting rubbish about how they “had a dream” that someone would sing “Someone Like You” by Adele. Who the hell is Kelly Rowland? Martin Luther King risen from the dead?

Last night I accidentally tuned in to The X Factor USA and to say I felt nauseated would be an understatement; it was like the British X Factor multiplied by about a thousand in terms of lameness. Everybody was so incredibly overconfident. So as they sobbed about all of the horrible incidents that happened to them (There’s 7 people in my family living in a 3 bedroomed house… We all love each other so much. And God of course. I really love him too. The baby Jesus is my inspiration in life) They prance onto the stage like there’s no tomorrow – a spring in their step.

I for one shan’t be tuning into the American X Factor again. Despite this article, I feel too intrigued by the UK X Factor to stop watching it.

One comment on “The Era of Sobbing – The X Factor –

  1. Yes indeedy Patrick. Thanks for so eloquently describing my feelings.

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