Is this Blog Real?

I attended the University College Dublin (UCD) Open day on Saturday 12th November, and strangely, I came away from it asking more questions than I had gone there with.

For the most part of the day, everything went to plan. I seemed to be learning, and coming up with answers to most things. And then came the Philosophy talk. Who knew thinking could be so fun! Immediately my mind was gripped and it’s been racing ever since. Am I real, or is life just a dream? What is consciousness? Is there a God? My mind has been in a whirl.

For anyone out there who is planning on going to college, look seriously into philosophy. Through our secondary school lives, the ability to think has been robbed from us (but that’s an issue for another blog). Philosophy is like reclaiming that lost independence and saying – “I’m not a sheep who’ll think as I’m told to think! I’ll come up with my own theories, thank you very much!”  – But having said that, is this blog even real? How do we really know? Perhaps this is simply a dream you’re having…

2 comments on “Is this Blog Real?

  1. Brilliant dear. How do we know that this blog exists? eh?

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