What’s YOUR Guilty Pleasure?

Music is such an unusual thing, particularly modern day music. We have so many different genres – rock, pop, dance, blues, jazz, classical – the list goes on almost to eternity. However music is very unusual. Why is it that songs regularly climb high in the charts, but if you ask your friends, none of them will like the song. Some will respond with a less than enthusuastic “Sure it’s alright, I suppose, if you’re into that sort of thing”. Others will respond more strongly. “I like rock music, why would I be caught dead listening to such dreadful music?”

Yet despite this, the songs that everyone seems to be either indifferent about or just absolutely hate continue to climb high in the charts. Why do you think this is? It is clearly down to the whole notion of Guilty Pleasures.

We all have a guilty pleasure. That ridiculous pop song that was released by some silly DJ last week that you described on facebook as being utter shite was actually ridiculously catchy. You’ve been singing it in your head for the past week, and when you’re home alone, you grab the hairbrush, sing frantically at the mirror as if it’s an audience of thousands and feel the ground quake with its ungodly beat. But stop! That was the front door opening! Put on your cool CD quickly! Stop listening to this – this – crap! Quick before someone sees or hears you!

It sounds so ridiculous when we put it like that. A song that we like, but we feel that we can’t admit that we like it for fear of being ridiculed for our music taste. But everyone does it. I do it. I’m sure anyone who has ever heard music has been not entirely truthful about their tastes.

So let’s be honest for a minute, and look at what’s been popular in the past few months. Take We Found Love by Rihanna . It’s a decidedly catchy song that I always sing along to when it comes on the radio. But do I go around saying to everyone “I love that song!”? No, of course not! However my biggest guilty pleasure ever probably comes in the form of Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs. It’s a fantastic pop song that’s infectious, perhaps it’s even impossible not to sing along to it. But have I ever posted it on my facebook wall or Twitter account? No, of course not!

But ultimately, a guilty pleasure is a guilty pleasure. We love to have a few songs safely stored in our repetoire, that we don’t have to talk about to everyone, that we can peacefully sing along to with the famous hairbrush technique. So what’s the moral of the story? It’s OK to have a guilty pleasure. In fact, if anything, it’s quite fun!

2 comments on “What’s YOUR Guilty Pleasure?

  1. Bro I cant get the image of you singing to ur hairbrush outta my head now :L Thats y ur so private bout ur room baby bro! :L Ah no just messin! I love that olly murs song too 😀 And my guilty pleasure is stupid hoe by nicki minaj :L Ohh yeahh I went there :L Its oddly catchy :L

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