That Saturday Morning Feeling

Surely everyone born within a certain time frame remembers that Saturday morning feeling. There really is nothing quite like it – It’s a feeling that can never be replicated. The sense of wonder, excitement and a slight nervousness too as you realise that your parents are asleep in bed, and they will be for quite some time. You’ve got the television for yourself, and all of your favourite programs are on from eight until twelve.

For me as a child, Recess was the highlight of the morning. I would get up at stupid o’clock, creep downstairs, flick on the television, and be greeted by ridiculously exuberant television presenters who were way too happy to be completely sane. I remember that feeling of envy, as I watched the children who somehow got to be in the audience and play silly games, like getting cakes thrown at them, or getting doused in water.

And then came Recess. I would watch TJ and his friends get up to all kinds of mischief, out playing for those precious minutes that they had to themselves to do whatever the hell they wanted. It was funny and dramatic. I watched in awe as the most pointless problems were exemplified to war-like proportions, and I laughed along with the characters as the episode ended on a lighthearted note, with all the friends together, and that familiar theme tune would echo through my mind.

There really is nothing like those Saturday morning’s as a child. Those moments when you have a glimpse at independence, and you feel the entire world of possibility laying on your shoulders. The world was your oyster at stupid o’clock on Saturday morning.

How I miss that oyster.

5 comments on “That Saturday Morning Feeling

  1. Fantastic!! Very true, u brought me back to my c hildhood, saturday mornings, but it was Pajo’s jukebox in my day!!

  2. Ah very good Patrick. Although I don’t remember Saturday mornings being cool…I think I always slept in on them

    • Ha ha ha! This is so funny because in my memory, Aisling and I were always up at stupid o’clock watching silly shows on television. I don’t remember once you being there. Knowing you, you were busy sleeping.

  3. Wow this gave me a warm fuzzy feeling haha no joke, i miss our saturday mornings watching recess patrick, those were good times, i miss recess in general, but as you’re saying here i think its the feeling u used to get from them that u’d miss. ah bless. brought me back to my childhood! colourful playful childish and animated fun đŸ™‚ kept simple đŸ™‚

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