E-books – they’re just not my thing…

E-books… Ugh. What can I even say about these abominations on mankind? Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying that people who have published their novels in e-book form only are not talented, I’m just saying, why? What ever happened to the good old novel?

To me anyway, there’s nothing like sitting down to read a novel. Sitting down, flicking through the pages of a page-turner, smelling that glorious smell of a new book, feeling the texture of the pages in your hand…

Compared to picking up your Kindle, frantically clicking a button, turning from computer generated page to computer generated page, feeling that warm plastic in your hands…

See what I mean? Reading a book is an experience beyond all others. It’s an experience that uses and evokes all of the senses. But reading off a computer device? No. I don’t think so. It takes away the core of reading, the excitement and the passion associated. It stops it being a page turner, and it certainly erases completely the romance that one feels when they read a novel.

I won’t ever get a Kindle, or any other kind of e-reader. I simply refuse. To me, they’re horrible things. I’m all for change, but surely this is just ridiculous? Even if physical books become so rare that they cost hundreds each, I will still avoid the e-book like a plague.

What are your opinions? Am I alone in this thought, or are there an army of anti-e-bookers out there ready to join me in our resistance?

9 comments on “E-books – they’re just not my thing…

  1. One of my favorite books, one I read for the first time, was one I read on my ereader. It didn’t take any of the passion or excitement away. I think before you can make any kind of statement like that, you should be able to back it up with your own experience with an ereader first.

    But I know you’re not alone with your feelings about ebooks and readers. I’ve read a lot about this from different bloggers. Physical books are not going anywhere and neither are ereaders. We just have different options available to us now for our reading experience.

    • Hey Sarah, thanks very much for your reply and for reading. I see your point, and I know that I should at least try an e-reader before I dismiss them completely, but I just can’t see myself spending so much money on one with the very high possibility that I wouldn’t like it. But it’s very interesting to read other opinions on the matter. You clearly have a much more informed opinion than me because you have actually experienced both! Thanks again 🙂

      • I received my reader as a gift. Before that I was going back and forth, whether to get one or not, being a lover of physical books, especially used paperbacks and the prices of readers scared me too, so I understand where you’re coming from.

        Unfortunately, retailers don’t make it easy to try out ereaders so you can get a really good feel for them. They’re always attached to some display and that is not an ideal reading experience to make a decision whether you want to invest in one. With physical books at bookstores, you can sit somewhere or move about and flip through a book to see if it’s something you want to get.

  2. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there! For me at least, that’s the main problem with e-readers. If you buy one, you’re taking a risk really, and I’ve met so many people who have bought them only to discover that they hate them. But I’ve also met people who’ve taken the gamble and loved it. I think retailers should come up with a better system of allowing people to test e-readers.

  3. Up until Christmas I could not see what all the fuss was about. The idea of having to charge your book was rediculous. Then someone bought me a kindle for Christmas.

    Now I am quite techie, always have been, but I usually see through fads ( never liked 3d movies and would never own a 3d tv, have an iPhone, but never was suckered into the whole apple are gods mentality)

    The kindle itself is pretty( I got the kindle 4 wifi) and unbelievably lightweight. I spent the first few days playing with it adding some classic books, looking at all things I could do before I made a few purchases and started to use it for what it actually there for.

    In comparison to a book it does not have the smell of a book, the feel of the pages, but what it does offer in my opinion outweighs that.

    Searchable text, a built in dictionary, the ability to store lots of books, a really crisp looking screen, set it down and it doesn’t loose your page!

    It’s easier to hold and read than a book, you can rest it on the table while you eat your lunch without it closing over.

    That’s just a few of the things that I think is a positive.

    On the downside the price of the books are quit exspensive compared to print books, but you can have them in a minute, you can’t easily flick forward to see how many pages are left in the chapter. It will never compare to an antique book or leatherbound tome.

    But on the whole for the majority of books, a kindle rocks, I am a convert, and won’t turn back.

    • Very interesting take, and thanks very much for commenting. You present a very strong argument for e-readers, so much so that I feel tempted to buy one! After today I think that maybe one day I’ll get one to see what I think of it, but for the moment, I’m definitely going to stick to print books. 🙂

      • I agree it is a large investment without a trial.

        If you knew someone who had a kindle and you could borrow it to read a book that would be best. I lent mine to my wife, and after one book she bought her own, and has not regretted it at all.

  4. Very interesting stuff. I may try to borrow someone’s kindle at some point and see what all the fuss is about. Thanks very much for reading and commenting! 🙂

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