Don’t have time to read? Neither do I…

There’s nothing quite like reading. How can a pastime be relaxing, exciting and utterly enthralling all at the same time? It’s something I’ve wondered all my life, ever since that day when I read Awful Arabella by Bill Gillham as a young child. I had discovered something that had been around for so long, yet to me, it felt entirely different – It felt new. ­I’ve kept that feeling throughout my life. So then what do you do when your time is cut short? When you no longer have spare hours at night to read into the early hours, hoping your parents won’t find out you’ve been up all night?

It’s not an easy predicament. As you get older, you’re going to run out of time to read. It’s a sad fact of life. Whether you’re in university studying for a degree, or in school studying for your final exams, or even just working a normal job, it get’s increasingly difficult to find the time. Is there a way around this, or do we just accept it? Do we accept that we only read for five minutes today?

I’ve decided not to accept it. I have very little disposable time at the moment. I have to do my Leaving Certificate exams in 3 weeks time – and yes, they are as important as they sound. They’re state exams that are wildly stressful and time consuming. For a while, I did accept that I didn’t have any time to do it. But why? Why should I accept that I can’t engage in my favourite pastime?

Make time. It’s a skill that can be easily mastered. Bring your book to school or work, read it during your breaks, or maybe read it discreetly under the desk. But find a way. And if you’re like me, take a break from your studying every hour, and spend ten minutes reading something that you actually want to read. You’ll feel better for it in the end. Happy reading!

3 comments on “Don’t have time to read? Neither do I…

  1. I always bring my Kindle to work so I can read on my break. Actually, I carry it around with me everywhere. I’m super nerdy.

    • That’s fantastic! That’s the kind of action we need to continue finding time to read. Wouldn’t it just be awful if in a hundred years children didn’t read books anymore because people just ran out of time for them? I wouldn’t call that nerdy, just sensible 🙂

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