The World’s Obsession with Weight

It’s a fact that has been obvious for many years. How many magazines could you say didn’t have some story about a celebrity who was either too fat or too skinny today? I’d say the honest answer is none. The media, and now the world, has become completely obsessed with weight, to an extreme and worrying point.

This was shown to me in a clear fashion at the recent public appearance of Kate Bush at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards where she won an award for her latest album 50 Words for Snow. Bush has long since been known to shy away from the media, and thus was branded a recluse many years ago, with people failing to believe that she was simply raising her son and concentrating on her family.

Her acceptance of her award was, of course, completely dominated by the fact that this was her “re-appearance”. Nobody seemed remotely bothered that she had received an award, including the person who uploaded the video. I was delighted to see her funny and charming speech, and enjoyed seeing my favourite musical artist getting the recognition she deserves.

And then I read the comments. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised really, to see that the latest comment was completely and utterly focussing on her weight:

Nice Kate appeared in person, tragic she is clearly so conscious of her weight she feels the need to hide so much, & to the extent she won’t even bother appearing in promo videos or do any TV work-interviews/performances, or even do many photos for albums. Which fan would rather see crummy animation like ‘Lake Tahoe’ than Kate in a video? She has the money for chef/dietician/personal trainer if she is that concsious of it.

I was disgusted with this person immediately. How did they come to any of the conclusions that they seem to have rapidly come to? She’s conscious of her weight? Were they inside her mind as she made her speech? And she won’t bother appearing in promo video’s or do any tv work? This very appearance was a television appearance, and her music videos that accompanied this album were fantastic and often beautiful animations that she herself directed. This fan seems to have completely missed the point of the whole Kate Bush experience.

The last comment was what bothered me the most, however. “She has the money for chef/dietician/personal trainer if she is that conscious of it.” So not only has this person made a blunt and unfair observation about her weight, they have also made the assumption that she is unhappy with her appearance, and that as she has a successful music career, she should spend all her money on getting into shape so that she can fulfill her duty in life: to satisfy this one person, and their abhorrent obsession with weight.

6 comments on “The World’s Obsession with Weight

  1. V. good Patrick.I totally agree. That person’s comment was like..BITCH PLEASE ! It is sad that celeb’s apperances mean so much more than their talent. And u are right about magazines. Every women’s mag cover has ‘diet tips’ on the front or celeb’s big/small bellies in bikini tops & shit. The media is like a very expensive camera with good lens, great quality & the potential to deliver excellently, however, it is always out of focus, shooting the world in a blurry & distorted fashion :/

    • Thanks aisling! I loved your comment – it was concise and effective. Unfortunately the media’s job in this world is to criticise and to find fault with celebrities, it seems, and now this has spread to the rest of the world.

  2. Wow people are so ignorant and image obsessed. Nice job

  3. Why do people care about a person’s weight, being a celeb or not. I am an overweight (others would say obese) person and refuse to lose weight to please the eyes of society. I am active, I do walk instead of drive to town, like stores ( they vary from 1 to 3 miles), library (which is about 4 to 5 miles). I pass skinny and semi skinny people driving through fast food and donut shop drive thru. Kate Bush is at the age where women her age have the middle age spread that can’t be help and having a child at an older age at that. That person who left the rude comment is No fan of Kate Bush. I am classic metal fan and when I see the bands from the 80s who have put on weight and gotten much older, I don’t get disappointed, I’m just glad that they want to keep on making albums and tour. Look at Alice Cooper, the guy is pushing his late 50s, but he still can kick ass. Look at Rob Halford (frontman for Judas Priest), he’s pushing 60, and he can still hit those high notes, he’s famous for. Who care if they have gained some weight and gotten older, They aren’t immortal. People who judge large people for their weight are the ones with the “Weight Problem.”

  4. ce genre de commentaire ne m’étonne pas vraiment. il faut se souvenir qu’on ne pardonne jamais à quelqu’un d’avoir tout pour lui,notamment,une beauté et un talent aussi complets;kate etait tellement magnifique que son apparence a obsédé certaines personnes au point qu’ils en oublient la PERSONNE,L ARTISTE derriere, et l’on réduite à cela.ceux qui ont vraiment compris kate bush la laisseront devenir,murir,vieillir,libre d’etre elle meme,comme elle l’a toujours été,suffisamment reconnaissants de l’ extraordinaire poésie dont elle a nourri nos vies,dans un monde gris.aimer un fantasme,c’est un amour froid,faire de quelqu’un, un porte manteau,qui n’a d’autre droit que de porter les vetements dont on l’affuble,sans droit à etre lui meme.KATE est une FEMME.pour ceux qui l ‘auraient oublié.une femme extraordinaire,dommage pour ceux qui ne l’ont pas compris.qu’ils restent dans leur monde gris,aveugles.

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