Why Roald Dahl will Never Get Old

We all surely have some kind of childhood memory involving Roald Dahl (well maybe not if you’re elderly). But just go with it anyway, OK?

Yes. Roald Dahl. He could be described as a literary genius, the imagination of a generation, and the provision of giggles for many, many children.The Twits, Matlida, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…There really is nothing like it.

So why is it that this genius man will never get old? There really is something utterly timeless about his work. There’s something for everyone – both adults and children – in the most childish of works. And I think we’ve all enjoyed many of the film adaptations. I always loved Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and even though the Tim Burton remake stuck to the plot a bit more, I still think that there’s nothing like the original. There’s something about things we loved during our childhoods that will never get old.

So to stop him getting old, revisit his books from time to time. If you have kids, do them a favour – provide them with those giggles. Give them the gift of Roald Dahl – and at the same time, you can secretly enjoy it every bit as much as you did when you were seven. And if you don’t have kids, just read them anyway and cry over your lost youth.

4 comments on “Why Roald Dahl will Never Get Old

  1. As soon as I saw the picture for the BFG I just had to read this post. I was readig the BFG when I was 6, and my family was on holiday in Fiji. I remember on our last day we left the hotel and went to the airport, when I realised I had left the book under my pillow in the hotel bed. My parents rang the hotel to see if it was still there, and they brought it out to me at the airport 🙂 I love all his books, they’re amazing stories.

  2. Roald Dahl is without doubt the greatest children’s author there has ever been.

    No one comes close. And I don’t think any will come close.

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