Books From Your Childhood

I suppose most people have some kind of book that they remember from their childhood. I certainly do – quite a few of them, but there are a few that stand out. I remember Harry Potter. The joys of staying up all night, unable to stop reading, as Harry and his friends got up to all kinds of mischief in a school that seemed to be the absolutely coolest place in the entire world. And then there was Roald Dahl – one of the only children’s author’s who can still make me laugh out loud. Matilda, the BFG, The Twits… None of them will ever get old for me.

My teenage years (so far) have been similar. I remember when I discovered Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus Trilogy. I was compelled – entranced even – as I read the hilarious and sarcastic Bartimaeus and the ultimately poignant and mystical lives of Nathaniel and Kitty.

There’s something about books we read as children that we never really forget, and they will always hold a special place in our hearts. Maybe you remember your parents reading them to you, or maybe you, like me, remember reading through the night, oblivious that you had school in a few hours and you were going to be exhausted all day. What are your childhood books, and do you still read them? Do you still have them?

2 comments on “Books From Your Childhood

  1. HP was the book i remember as a teen. As a child, i remember goosebumps. And, its true, i would never forget how i love both series’.

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