The Poetry of Robert Frost

Frost is another poet who gets quite a lot of hatred from people, that tends to go a little bit like this:

“Why didn’t he just get over himself and pick which road to take?”

“Jeeze man, forget about your neighbour. He sounds rude, and he’s a douche.”

So yes, it’s pretty clear that a lot of people find his poems to be slightly pointless.

I totally disagree.

From his simple and ingenious The Road Not Taken to the complex and intriguing Mending Wall, there is something universal and beautiful about his works. Everyone can relate to the many themes of loneliness – desolation – and utter despair. Frost suffered from chronic depression throughout his life and this shines through all the time. He writes about the human condition in all its cruel light.

So if you haven’t given Frost a chance, I’d say, give it a go. You might just find something for you.

4 comments on “The Poetry of Robert Frost

  1. Good fences make good neighbours.

  2. I’ve never seen Robert Frost this young. Whoa.

    I’ve always liked him, especially “The Road Not Taken”. Who knows where we’d go in life if we didn’t try out new roads once in a while?

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