Waterstones to sell Kindles – Oh No!

Some very sad news for a book lover like myself was announced today. Waterstones are to start selling Kindles. The saddest part of this whole tragedy is that just a few days ago, Waterstones were decidedly anti-eBook. Oh, how fast our world is changing.

I encourage change in every aspect of life – except in regards to eReaders. Is it possible that, with each passing day, each book that is printed, we are drawing nearer and nearer to an age where the print novel will no longer exist? It’s a fact that I find difficult to accept.

I’ve never had a Kindle – and I don’t want one either. While I’m sure they’re handy and they make going on holidays easier, I just really can’t see any point in them past that. It’s just as easy to pop into a bookshop and buy a book that’s on special offer as it is to buy an eBook. And in many cases, it’s cheaper.

Up until now, I’ve always felt somewhat secure in the knowledge that at least most bookshops just stocked real books, and therefore, us book lovers had a refuge, a place to hide from our rapidly evolving technology. But it appears that even this is gone. Waterstones are, no doubt, going to be followed by many book chains.

What are your thoughts? Am I alone in my dislike of the Kindle, or have we got an army out there who are also disappointed in Waterstones?

2 comments on “Waterstones to sell Kindles – Oh No!

  1. I’ve been using my Kindle for six months now, and I love it!
    I get your point and understand all the romantic feelings books inspire, but to me what counts most is not the book itself but the ideas and beauty a book conveys. Ideas and beauty e-books convey equally well.
    To give you an example, I love reading your posts but I doubt the ideas you express would be more precious if they came on printed paper.

    • Hmm, you have a lot of very good points! Damn your persuasiveness. I can’t deny your argument really, and a lot of people have been saying similar things to me. One day when I have some disposable cash I might try and get one! And thanks for the comment đŸ™‚

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