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A Parody is often as good as the original

Recently I picked up a copy of Barry Trotter. For those of you who don’t know who this protagonist is, he is essentially the anti-Harry Potter. Conjured up by the mind of Michael Gerber as early as 2002, these books provide something that is truly unique – an opportunity to laugh at something that we all love.

It’s strange that a lot of people believe that a parody novel can only be read by those who don’t like the original book, and in my opinion, quite the opposite is true. When I started reading one of Michael Gerber’s parody’s of Harry Potter, I instantly loved it. I loved it even though I am a big fan of JK Rowling and her Harry Potter series.

Now while Gerber’s Barry Trotter series isn’t quite as good as JK Rowling’s original series, there is certainly a lot about it that is alluring to a reader. There’s something so entertaining about reading about your favourite characters doing things and saying things that they would never normally do.

So on that note, I would advise anyone to take a flick through the pages of Barry Trotter, or any other parody. As we say in Ireland, it’s a bit of ‘craic’ to say the least, and should provide you with a good laugh.

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