A Ghost, or just my overactive imagination?

I think I saw a ghost. And no, this isn’t an episode of Scooby-Doo – this is an episode in the life of Patrick Kelleher, a life that is, I assure you, much less exciting.

The incident occurred when I took a walk through the Demesne in my local town, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. The Demesne in my town is a truly beautiful place that stretches for quite a large area. A beautiful river winds through the trees and its overgrown grass. There’s something incredibly peaceful about walking through there.

According to Wikipedia, the Demesne was owned by Theophilus Sandford in the 17th century. The place has a long history, and if you believe in the paranormal, then this would probably be a place to see a ghost.

When walking through the Demesne, my dog dragged me off the path to a fence. I looked out at the beautiful sunset and felt compelled to take a photo of the natural beauty around me. I took out my phone, took a photo, and forgot all about it. Until yesterday, when I remembered to take a look at the photo. Here it is:

My initial thought was that it was the sun shining through the trees. The red ball of light looks like the suns effect on the camera. But there’s something unusual about it. It looks like a little ball of floating light in the centre of the photo. Let’s zoom in.

To me, it looks astounding. It looks like a ball of light, surrounded by ominous red light. But it also looks like a person’s head looking out from behind a tree. Let’s take an even closer zoom in.

I need opinions. What do you think this orb of light is? Is it a trick of the light? The reflection of the sun? Or is it a wandering spirit? Am I just looking too much into this?

12 comments on “A Ghost, or just my overactive imagination?

  1. I believe it could well be an angel Patrick! I am less open to the thought of ‘ghosts’ and prefer the term ‘spirits’! The fact you said you were asking for proof off the angels AND toby dragged you the location suggests to me it was an angel 🙂 Theyre never too far 🙂 Just keep speaking to them and never lose faith 🙂 I’m so glad you took a pic like this because for me it was reassurance the angels are always there if we just let them 🙂 Very interesting pic, something almost ominous about it also! xx

  2. I think it’s lens flare, caused by the bright sky in the background. Just a coincidence that it has appeared alongside the path

  3. I think somebody needs to call Ghost Hunters. Better safe than sorry…and BTW, beautiful shot of the lane.

  4. Lovely picture, I was always interested in the paranormal, and thrown into it when my husband and I bought a foreclosed 1900 home with lot’s off activity. I have 2 pictures on my blog that show a peach colored mist, but they are indoors one taken in the pitch black. I looked up colored mists this color represents protection so either way, why not open your imagination and consider it your guardian angel as Aisling suggested, feel good about… and open your mind to wonder!

    • Thanks for the comment! Very interesting stuff. I actually did consider it could be a guardian angel, so it’s interesting that this is the second time it’s been suggested. The day that I took this photo, I asked my Guardian Angel to give me proof that it existed. I’ve been thinking a lot about the possibility of angels recently, so it’s more than coincidental that after asking for proof, I was drawn to take this photo, where an orb appeared. Thanks very much for reblogging! 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on spirit struck and commented:
    beautiful picture, angel or ghost?

  6. I think it was a ghost, or a very large orb.

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