Help! I’m a Bibliophile!

It’s true. Finally, I have been able to admit that I have an addiction. A very, very serious addiction that is draining my finances, my happiness, and the space on my bookshelf. I, Sir Patrick of Ireland, am a bibliophile. The photo below of the books I have bought, but not read, demonstrates the seriousness of this problem:

I started to realise I was addicted to books about fourteen months ago. It was a fine day in Dublin City. I took a trip to Easons to see what kind of books were there – and my whole world was blown apart. Wordsworth Classics, they were called. Inexpensive editions of classical novels, made to appeal to younger readers and students. They were €2.65 each. I couldn’t resist, and had to buy a few books.

The addiction continued. Every time I found myself near Easons, I had to go in and buy some Wordsworth Classics. I felt pained as I picked up those beautiful books. I hoped nobody would see me. It was around this time that I realised that I was addicted to buying books.

Sadly, I fast discovered that I was simply unable to keep up with the amount of books I was buying. There was no way I could read them fast enough. So, I set up the “to-read pile” on my desk.

Then I discovered another addiction: charity shops. They had books for one or two euro each! How was I supposed to resist? It was cruel, and heartless of these charities to take advantage of my weakness. I bought many more books, and my “to-read pile” transformed into my “to-read shelf”. Yesterday, I bought two more books, and to my horror, they wouldn’t fit on my to-read shelf. I counted the books, and realised that I now have twenty-eight books in my possession that I have not yet read.

And you know what? I just can’t stop. I actually cannot stop myself from buying books. It’s an addiction that has impaired my life in so many different ways.

Watch out for bibliophilia. It may be affecting somebody you know. Or if you think you might be a bibliophile, now is the time to get help. Don’t leave it too late, and end up like me. It’s too late for me now, but if we spread awareness of this disease, it may become less prevalent in the future.

10 comments on “Help! I’m a Bibliophile!

  1. I had a some books I’d brought but hadn’t read (not as many as you though) and this summer I’m going to read them. I am. I promise. If only my reading list didn’t keep getting longer. 😀

  2. As a book addict myself, I sympathize. It’s hard to resist those little wide-eyed books peeping out from a window or bookshelf, saying “Here I am! Can’t you find me a home? Please?”

    It’s when you start to run out of storage space that you know you’re REALLY in trouble. 😉

  3. Thank you so much for sharing… I too suffer from Bibliophilia! There are not enough hours in the day or anyway I could read fast enough to keep up with the “bargain books” I buy… I also have an obsession with Notebooks.. All shapes, sizes, copy books, refil pads.. I will gather them together and take a photo for you. At least we are not alone

    • Thanks for commenting! I really am glad that I’m not alone in my addiction. Your comment has comforted me greatly! I would love to see a photo of all your books, I hope it’ll help other addicts out there!

  4. This post made me giggle because I am exactly the same. I have more unread books than anyone could possibly need, but the problem is with books, there are too many great ones, and too many for one person to get through in their lifetime! I hope someone will invent a way to freeze time, so we can put the world on hold for a few hours a day and get through more of our ever growing piles! 🙂

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