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Memory Lane: Adrian Mole

I’m sure many of you remember Adrian Mole. He is the teen protagonist that we all love for his warm, witty and often hilarious nature in The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾, The Confessions of Adrian Mole… The list goes on. Sue Townsend, the creator of these wonderful books, has written eight Adrian Mole tales to date, as well as an Omnibus edition.

For many of you, Adrian Mole was probably quite a big part of growing up. First published in 1981, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾  became a huge bestseller in Britain, and hooked a nation of both teenagers and adults. What made the book so hilarious was how naive Adrian was. He believed he was the most intelligent creation on the face of the earth, and his childish observations of the world around him are charming and amusing.

So for Memory Lane this week, pick up a copy of Adrian Mole – any of them – and take a read of it. You’ll be transported back to when you first read it, and love it just as much as you did when you were a youngster. And if you haven’t heard of this wonderful protagonist, then you need to buy it right now. Even though the humour is very, very British, I’m sure it’s enjoyable to any nationality.

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