About Me

My name is Patrick Kelleher and I am a nineteen year old student and aspiring Journalist. I spent most of my childhood locked away in a room with a computer, furiously typing, and feeling very serious indeed. In fact, I liked to imagine at the time that I was a successful, rich and grown-up writer. I was only short a crystal tumbler of whiskey and a cigar.

As the years passed, I realised that writing isn’t all about sitting around feeling serious. Rather, writing is quite a fun thing to do. More than that, writing is incredibly important to everybody. Besides the obvious reason – communication – writing informs, and without information where would we be today? Quite the opposite from the seriousness of my childhood, I firmly believe that information needn’t be all serious.

I am currently studying for a Joint Honours Degree in English and History at University College Dublin, and I also devote a certain amount of my time to writing for The University Observer. Writing for a newspaper has taught me a great deal about what it means to be a writer. I have written comment, news and film articles since I began writing for the University Observer, and hope to broaden this further in the academic year of 2013/14.

While you are here, please enjoy reading my blogs. Make sure to comment, whether you agree or disagree with what I said. I am always looking for a good debate!


9 comments on “About Me

  1. Wooo go Paddy! Your writing reminds me of the kind of stuff Mary Mc Gill was sayin on her Twitter. Very conversational and friendly x

  2. Nice to meet you, Sir Patrick! 🙂

  3. Which part of Roscommon are you from. I am from the north of the county. Good luck with the writing..its very enjoyable to read.

  4. Hi Patrick,

    Jessica from Newstalk here. We’d love to talk with you on the Tom Dunne show. Could you email me your phone number please?



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