Abortion: Is propaganda being used in Irish schools?

Abortion has always been a contentious issue, and there is still a debate raging between three sides to this day: pro-choice, pro-life, and then those in the middle, who are unsure what to think. Debating is of course a good thing, and encourages people to think about situations differently, however the abortion one has always […]

The ‘Real Rape’ Myth

This article originally appeared in the University Observer, Volume X on 30th October 2013. With almost 90% of sexual assaults in Ireland being committed by someone known to the victim, Patrick Kelleher examines the origins of the ‘real rape’ myth and how society can overcome it The ‘real rape’ myth has existed for a long […]

The X Factor: Time to Say Goodbye?

The X Factor UK is soon to grace our screens again. Please, children, calm down. I know that the excitement is difficult to cope with. After all, there’s nothing better than watching the same exploitative, utterly tired format year in year out. The show will be returning this weekend with what will no doubt be […]

Is Austerity Really Working?

This article originally appeared in the University Observer on 16th April 2013. It emerged recently that it is not just Irish people who are unhappy with the snail paced reform seen since 2008, when recession first set in; the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Commission have also expressed concern. According to a leaked […]

Jude the Obscure and the Liberalisation of Divorce Laws

I’ve preached about the joys and wonders of Thomas Hardy before, and I think most people would agree that Hardy is one of the greatest writers of the Victorian period. In his lifetime, he regarded his novels as a supplement to his poetry career. Novel writing was where the money lay, and while he undoubtedly […]

Ten Worst Rom-Coms

This article originally appeared in the University Observer. 10. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days Kate Hudson is a journalist in New York City, and is left desperately incomplete without a man by her side. She fails to lose Matthew McConaughey in the required ten days, and so the movie ends, leaving us […] and the threesome advice that shook Ireland

This article originally appeared in the University Observer, Volume XIX, 3rd April 2013. On 24th March 2013, the Sunday Independent published an article concerning a page on the part government funded youth website, The page in question was one relating to threesomes. As a part of the website’s sexual education and health articles, information […]