Thoughts About Life

Abortion: Is propaganda being used in Irish schools?

Abortion has always been a contentious issue, and there is still a debate raging between three sides to this day: pro-choice, pro-life, and then those in the middle, who are unsure what to think. Debating is of course a good thing, and encourages people to think about situations differently, however the abortion one has always […]

Is the Diary of Anne Frank Pornographic?

The Diary of Anne Frank has burst into the spotlight of the international media this week with a great suddenness. Most people have heard of the diary; it is the real life musings of a teenage girl who died at the hands of the Holocaust. She and her family went into hiding to avoid the […]

Top Ten: Worst Summer Blockbuster Disappointments

This article originally appeared in The University Observer on 16th April 2013. 10. Spider Man 3 (2007): After two decent Spider-Man films, somebody somewhere decided to release this trash. They opted to leave out the storyline, so it consists of Spider-Man sitting around looking thoughtful on window ledges. A must for sight-seers. 9. The Haunting […]


Choices creep up on you at the most inconsiderate times. You’ll often be sleeping, when they’ll grasp you and tear you from your slumber; or perhaps you’re at work, tapping your pen off the desk, questioning what you’re all about. But either way, choices will haunt you at some point in your life. Choices are […]

Reading out of your comfort zone

I’ve recently noticed from talking to people about what they read that they tend to have a reading comfort zone. This isn’t an unusual phenomenon. The comfort zone is the cocoon we construct in all aspects of life to shelter us from what is outside. Simply put, it is easier to hide, remain comfortable and […]

A Ghost, or just my overactive imagination?

I think I saw a ghost. And no, this isn’t an episode of Scooby-Doo – this is an episode in the life of Patrick Kelleher, a life that is, I assure you, much less exciting. The incident occurred when I took a walk through the Demesne in my local town, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. The […]

That Saturday Morning Feeling

Surely everyone born within a certain time frame remembers that Saturday morning feeling. There really is nothing quite like it – It’s a feeling that can never be replicated. The sense of wonder, excitement and a slight nervousness too as you realise that your parents are asleep in bed, and they will be for quite […]