This section of my blog is dedicated to fictional short stories I have written. I hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to leave feedback, I will most certainly appreciate it and reply to every single comment!


4 comments on “Fiction

  1. Write more!b its brill, dying to know what happens next? Did he find the dog, was his girlfriend still at home, did he get his face back… Keep going with it!! Love it xx

  2. This would make a great blog series if that exists!! Maybe if you did an entry every week leaving each entry at a cliffhanger!! You’d defo get the views cos people would always be dyin to find out more!!! It is awesome btw, sooo clever!! Got chills down my spine when he had the creature’s face!! But I agree with Rach for sure–Keep writin!! Were wonderin bout the gf, the dog, the face 🙂 I really think u should keep goin at it 🙂 Could make a great series 🙂

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