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On A Hot Summer’s Day

I fluttered past you,
On a hot summer’s day,
And you were wearing that dress,
And those shoes.

And as the sun beat down,
And the commuters rushed by,
You caught my gaze,
And said, very simply –
“You are lovely.”

From there, our lives were separate.
Mine destined to be short,
Waiting to be caught in a jar,
To turn brown and flutter to my death –
Into your arms, perhaps –
Or the arms of another.
Who really knows what lies beyond?

Yet I know you are somewhere,
Wearing that dress,
And those shoes.
And you’re thinking of me,
And how I fluttered past you
On that hot, summer’s day.
And you’re wondering where I am now,
Just like I wonder about you.

If this finds you, I am still youthful
And beautiful.
And I think about you.
I think about you all the time,
In that dress,
And those shoes,
Walking past me,
On a hot, summer’s day.

By Patrick Kelleher


One comment on “On A Hot Summer’s Day

  1. I love it. 😀

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