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Jane Eyre: An Early Feminist or Weak-Willed Victim?

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is one of the most famous novels in print today. It is studied across schools and universities around the world, and has had countless film adaptations made of it. Most people seem to think of Jane Eyre as being somewhere in the realm of romance; they see it as a […]

Top Ten: Worst Summer Blockbuster Disappointments

This article originally appeared in The University Observer on 16th April 2013. 10. Spider Man 3 (2007): After two decent Spider-Man films, somebody somewhere decided to release this trash. They opted to leave out the storyline, so it consists of Spider-Man sitting around looking thoughtful on window ledges. A must for sight-seers. 9. The Haunting […]

Ten Worst Rom-Coms

This article originally appeared in the University Observer. 10. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days Kate Hudson is a journalist in New York City, and is left desperately incomplete without a man by her side. She fails to lose Matthew McConaughey in the required ten days, and so the movie ends, leaving us […]