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Jane Eyre: An Early Feminist or Weak-Willed Victim?

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is one of the most famous novels in print today. It is studied across schools and universities around the world, and has had countless film adaptations made of it. Most people seem to think of Jane Eyre as being somewhere in the realm of romance; they see it as a […]

Is the Diary of Anne Frank Pornographic?

The Diary of Anne Frank has burst into the spotlight of the international media this week with a great suddenness. Most people have heard of the diary; it is the real life musings of a teenage girl who died at the hands of the Holocaust. She and her family went into hiding to avoid the […]

Jude the Obscure and the Liberalisation of Divorce Laws

I’ve preached about the joys and wonders of Thomas Hardy before, and I think most people would agree that Hardy is one of the greatest writers of the Victorian period. In his lifetime, he regarded his novels as a supplement to his poetry career. Novel writing was where the money lay, and while he undoubtedly […]

One Day by David Nicholls: Review

You know that feeling that’s only obtained at Christmas? The one where you have copious amounts of good wine and chocolate to consume at the same time, and there’s just that feeling, isn’t there? One of utter joy. You think gleefully, I’m going to get very overweight and very happy all at the same time. […]

Pride and Prejudice – A Novel that Survived

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was first published 199 years ago, yet it succeeds in doing something which no novel, and certainly no classical novel, has done before it. It survived. It certainly seems to me that this can be said of very few novels. Yes, of course a lot of them survive in the […]

I Was a Boy in Belsen, by Tomi Reichental – Review

Tomi Reichental’s memoir, I Was a Boy in Belsen, was published several months ago by O’Brien Press, and strangely, this devastating true story somehow, after some promotion from the likes of Pat Kenny and National newspapers, seemed to slip under some invisible radar. But this book has much more to offer than it seems. Far […]

The Leaving Cert Year (a review)

Needless to say, since beginning my Leaving Cert year at school, I’ve been busy. Unfortunately this has resulted in absolutely no blogs. But here I am! Back from the dead. And it’s all thanks to priori incantatam. I began this year with a little bit of apprehension. I was expecting incessant lectures (check), piles of […]