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The X Factor: Time to Say Goodbye?

The X Factor UK is soon to grace our screens again. Please, children, calm down. I know that the excitement is difficult to cope with. After all, there’s nothing better than watching the same exploitative, utterly tired format year in year out. The show will be returning this weekend with what will no doubt be […]

The World’s Obsession with Weight

It’s a fact that has been obvious for many years. How many magazines could you say didn’t have some story about a celebrity who was either too fat or too skinny today? I’d say the honest answer is none. The media, and now the world, has become completely obsessed with weight, to an extreme and […]

What’s YOUR Guilty Pleasure?

Music is such an unusual thing, particularly modern day music. We have so many different genres – rock, pop, dance, blues, jazz, classical – the list goes on almost to eternity. However music is very unusual. Why is it that songs regularly climb high in the charts, but if you ask your friends, none of […]