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Greatest Closing Lines In Literature

Something I’ve started paying greater attention to lately is the closing lines in various novels and poems. I always find that in the greatest pieces of literary work, the closing lines are the ones that really pack a punch. Below are some of my favourite closing lines in literature from the novels and poems I’ve […]

Jane Eyre: An Early Feminist or Weak-Willed Victim?

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is one of the most famous novels in print today. It is studied across schools and universities around the world, and has had countless film adaptations made of it. Most people seem to think of Jane Eyre as being somewhere in the realm of romance; they see it as a […]

How To Make Tear Soup

Tear Soup is known as the most complex type of soup to make – but also the most delicious and satisfactory. Its smooth hint of life experience and it’s vague saltiness will leave you salivating. Here is the coveted recipe: Ingredients 2,948 tears (best collected in test tubes) 2 cups of milk 25 onions a […]